In the prestigious wine region of Burgundy, we present Domaine Trapet, a blend of tradition and innovation. With 18.5 meticulously cultivated hectares in Gevrey-Chambertin, Côte de Beaune, and Marsannay, this winery has a history as rich as the wines it produces. The first plot of land was purchased by Louis Trapet in 1859, and from generation to generation, the Trapet family boldly etched their name into the history of winemaking. In times of crisis, they were one of the few properties to graft their vines to combat phylloxera, at a time when such practices were prohibited, making their vineyards crucial to the region's recovery. Currently, under the leadership of Jean-Louis Trapet, the estate has embraced biodynamic viticulture, becoming a true pioneer in sustainable farming. Certified by Biodivin and Demeter, Domaine Trapet serves as an example of how passion for wine can harmoniously coexist with respect for nature. Jean-Louis has also implemented a careful reduction in the use of new oak, allowing the true essence of his grapes to shine. The result is wines that perfectly balance fruit with the subtle influence of wood, creating unparalleled sensory experiences. The wines of Domaine Trapet are revered as some of the most significant in the region. They are known for their complexity and elegance, capturing the authenticity of Burgundian terroir in every bottle. At Domaine Trapet, tradition and innovation intertwine, creating wines that transcend time. Each sip is a journey through history and excellence, a sensory adventure that celebrates a passion for winemaking and a commitment to sustainability. Allow yourself the experience of tasting wines that are true Burgundian masterpieces

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