Vinesia's commitment to value:
Our fees and conditions

Our fees and conditions

At Vinesia, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional wine storage services, with optimal conditions and while maintaining these standards involves costs, our aim is to maximize your wine investment returns.

We offer a 0% service fee for the first 12 months following an investment on primary sales, which applies when an investor purchases their wine directly from Vinesia’s initial inventory.

Service Fees

After the first year, a service fee from 1.2% to 1.8% per annum is applied (see fee schedule below). This fee, which covers the costs of storage, insurance, maintenance of the wines, technological development of the platform and our AI engine, and smart contract audits.

The service fee decreases based on the volume of your investments (Asset Under Management, AUM).

Your Asset Under Management with Vinesia (in €)Annual Service Fee*
200,001 +1.2%
*service fee is charged every 6 months based on Net Asset Value at the time of evaluation

Fees are collected in advance for a set period, ensuring uninterrupted service. In line with our flexible and fair approach, if you decide to sell your wine assets, we will refund the remaining balance of the prepaid period. This ensures you pay only for the service you use, maintaining our commitment to transparency and fairness.

The service also will be further reduced for Vinesia Circle members, our VIP club (coming in Q1 2024).