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We have simplified wine investing and brought it into the modern era. Our deep knowledge and unique marketplace offer you peace of mind as you invest in something you love.

How can I invest in wine?

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How Vinesia makes wine investing transparent, safe, and easy to trade

Our method of wine investment is layered to create aPeace of Mind pledge. Every feature of how we do things speaks to our dedication to creating a system of truth you can rely on for your wine portfolio.
Wines are Sourced Directly From Wineries
Real Wine Becomes A Digital Asset
Enhanced Security with Blockchain
Monitor Your Wine In Real-Time
Buy & Sell Wine Like You Would Stocks or NFT
Real Photos of Your Investment
Give The Gift of Wine

Our wine expertise

Deep knowledge, experience and a healthy dose of challenge from our expert advisors to keep us on our toes.

Our success stems from the ability to source exceptional wines for our investors, to act as respectful stewards towards the magical products we store and to make sure our investors feel absolutely safe when it comes to their investment guarded preciously by Vinesia. Our advisors’ reputation in the business is stellar and they are here to ensure we act in an ethical, sustainable way with the interests of our investors at the center of our business model.

Meet our experts during a lively wine discussion


Piotr Kamecki

Vice President of the World Sommelier Association

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Thomas Heymans

Recognized wine specialist since 2005 and a winemaker at Château Robin

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Transparent fees,
secure storage

Our fees and conditions

At Vinesia, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional wine storage services, with optimal conditions and full insurance. While maintaining these standards involves costs, our aim is to maximize your wine investment returns.

We offer a 0% service fee for the first 12 months following an investment on primary sales, which applies when an investor purchases their wine directly from Vinesia's initial inventory.

After the first year, a service fee from 1.2% to 1.8% per annum is applied. This fee, which covers the costs of storage, insurance, maintenance of the wines, technological development of the platform and our AI engine, and smart contract audits. For more information,click here


Our warehouse

At Vinesia, your wines are securely stored in our central warehouse located in Luxembourg. This facility adheres to the highest security standards and has an advanced temperature and humidity control system. We are making reasonable efforts to keep a humidity level between 60% and 80% and a temperature between 12 and 15 degrees Celsius at all times. En Primeur wines will be stored in the Vinesia warehouse upon delivery. For security reasons, we maintain confidentiality regarding the precise location of our warehouse.

How to invest in wines?

Buy directly from Vinesia

We regularly update our marketplace with new wines from our own collection. You can purchase these at the Vinesia price, which we strive to align with current market rates. Just add your choice to the cart, proceed to checkout, and the wine is yours in just a few clicks. You choose your investment through the Vinesia Marketplace and make the deposit, plus agree to our terms and fees.

Accept offers

You can also buy wine assets from other private investors on our marketplace. If a wine has a set asking price and it suits you, simply bid the asked amount and continue to the checkout process.

Bid on wines

Feel free to bid on any privately owned wine on the marketplace, regardless of whether it has an asking price. Ensure your account is topped up before bidding, so we can block the bid amount. If the seller accepts your bid, the transaction will complete automatically, transferring the blocked funds to the seller. If you cancel your bid or the seller declines, the funds are unblocked in your wallet.

Once your investment is completed, we move your chosen investment to your profile and transfer all rights, blockchain certificates, and, if relevant, the art to you

Selling Wines

How to sell

When you decide to sell, you have the option to directly list your investment on our marketplace, similar to selling stocks or NFTs, to facilitate liquidity:

You can set an ask price for your wine asset on our marketplace. When another investor agrees to your price and completes the purchase, the transaction is finalized with no additional transaction fee from Vinesia.


How you can monitor your investment?

Your primary tool for investment monitoring is your personal Vinesia dashboard. Accessible anytime, it provides a comprehensive view of your current wine holdings, their market values, and performance over time.

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