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We are the direct bridge between prestigious vineyards and investors, coming to life through a truth-based innovative investment digital ecosystem.

Thanks to 30+ years of experience operating in the wine industry, we have developed strong and trust-based relationships which grant us access to an unmatched portfolio of high quality and sought after wines that we source directly from the wine producers.
Here at Vinesia, we own the wines sourced directly from the winemakers and you buy them from us. You can then sell them later on our marketplace. We never, ever sell wine we do not already own. That is part of our transparency pledge.

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Offering the very best wines in the world with peace of mind and asset liquidity to our investor community

Your Peace of Mind as an investor is our obsession. To achieve this goal, we are moving from a “System of Trust” to a “System of Truth”.
Traditionally, you need to trust a third party that they hold your investment. With Vinesia, you can check it yourself at any time of the day, it’s recorded immutably on the blockchain, and that is the “System of Truth”. So are the storage conditions over time (temperature and hygrometry). Therefore, if you ever want to sell your asset, you can do it on our marketplace with liquidity for your asset and visual proof of how it was maintained over the years.

Our Values

We believe that the distance that exists today between a wine investor and their investment is too far apart. The belief that that distance should be as minimal as possible is our core driver.



The photos you see on our website are those of the actual wines you can invest in, no mystery as to what you own. No mystery either as to where you own it or whether you actually own it through our Peace of Mind pledge to you.


Security and risk mitigation

Traditionally, you need to trust a third party that they hold your investment. We take your concern on whether you hold an authentic asset, at any moment in time, in optimal conditions extremely seriously and we believe that no other technology than blockchain can offer this.



At Vinesia, we believe that we need to use technology as a way to collate the actionable data that exists out there and offer it to you on a silver platter so that you can ultimately make your own investment decisions. Our AI-powered engine will help you achieve this goal


Beautiful stories

This is not just about investing, our love for wine is an extension of who we are. And the rewards we get from collecting the beautiful masterpieces featured on this site go way beyond just monetary value. In fact, we grow and develop with many of the wines we purchase, they are part of our lives for what is usually a long time.

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Our story

A rich journey already, yet so much more to write.

Like all good stories, ours begins with love. A love for the craft of winemakers, a love for the stories, a love for this unique product that unites so many people regardless of their origin or geography.
We are not new to the wine industry. Vinesia is a harmonious blend of experienced entrepreneurs and fresh talent from the wine, tech, and business worlds. Our belief is that many parts of the wine value chain are ripe for new approaches enabled by technology, hence the term #WineTech.

The two founders, Fabrice and Emmanuel have known each other for 20 years. They met in France at a wine tasting and became great friends and eventually they became colleagues.

In 2022, they decided to join forces as they recognized the wine market is ripe for a technology-led disruption, without losing sight of the long heritage of traditional winemaking.

Mutual respect, strong business ethics, their lifelong love of wines, and finally innovation in commercial models are the cornerstones of this association.



The Visionaries' first meeting to birth Vinesia

MARCH 2023

From Dream to Reality

Vinesia takes shape in Luxembourg with a team of six


Growing Together

Welcoming investors, expanding our team, and launching our soft-launch page


Marketplace Unveiled

Over 130 positions for wine enthusiasts


Shaping Tomorrow

Empowering investors, enhancing products, and pioneering wine investment

Our team

Fabrice Mopin

CEO & Chief Wine Officer

Erik Petersen


Adam Stępnik


Bastian Mopin

Head of Product

Laurence Zimmer


Ewa Brennan

Director of Marketing

Mélanie Hanin

Admin/Logistics Officer

Jonathan Scholl

Product & Data Analyst

Anish Gupta



Expert advisors

Deep knowledge, experience and a healthy dose of challenge from our expert advisors to keep us on our toes.Our success stems from the ability to source exceptional wines for our investors, to act as respectful stewards towards the magical products.

Thomas Heymans

Sourcing, Winery relations

Piotr Kamecki

Sourcing, Winery relations

Luke Bragg

Product design

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