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Invest and protect your investment in a secure and transparent way with the complete Peace of Mind

As stewards of your wine, sourced exclusively from winemakers ,Vinesia is the best place to appreciate it while guarding its future emotions.

lockCompetitive prices, no VAT

You benefit from prices reflecting that wines are sourced directly from estates. Even better, our bonded warehouse in Luxembourg allows you to invest with no VAT.

lockPeace of mind

Vinesia gives you complete Peace of Mind, providing you with a daily audit into what's happening to every case and every bottle you have invested in.


We bring our wine investors as close as possible to their investment. Blockchain has a purpose: authenticity, price history, ownership, storage conditions: all data is immutable and verifiable on-chain.

lockEasy to invest, easy to sell

We provide you with AI-powered data that empowers you to make the right investment decisions. When you choose to sell, no hassle: one click on our marketplace will accept the best offer. And if you want delivery: no problem!

Wine investments without
the worries

How to invest with VINESIA

1Build Your Portfolio

Start by scheduling a consultation or investing in the wine of your choice.

2Create Your Order

Browse our marketplace to select and compare various wines based on region, ratings or investment-related metrics.

3Checkout & Payment

Finalize your order and process your payment to receive your physically backed NFT or various artworks.

4Track Your Investment

Monitor the storage conditions of your wine investments in real-time, along with investment-related metrics, on a monthly basis.

Why invest in fine wine?

Stable Returns
Resistant to inflation
Low correlation to traditional markets

Start your investment journey today

We offer wine investment options suitable for every portfolio. We source exceptional wines directly from top wineries, and with diligent real-time monitoring in our Luxembourg warehouse, the value of these assets are poised to appreciate.

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How is the value of wine investments determined and tracked over time?

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How does Vinesia ensure the authenticity and provenance of the wines offered?

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