The future of wine investing

secure, transparent,
easily tradable

We are the first marketplace that protects your investment
in a secure and transparent way to offer you complete Peace of Mind.

As stewards of your wine, sourced exclusively from winemakers ,Vinesia is the best place to
appreciate it while guarding its future emotions.

lockPeace of mind

Vinesia gives you complete Peace of Mind, providing you with a daily audit into what's happening to every case and every bottle you have invested in.


We bring our wine investors as close as possible to their investment. Blockchain has a purpose: authenticity, price history, ownership, storage conditions: all data is immutable and verifiable on-chain.

lockEasy to invest, easy to sell

We provide you with AI-powered data that empowers you to make the right investment decisions. When you choose to sell, no hassle: one click on our marketplace will accept the best offer. And if you want delivery: no problem!

lockCompetitive prices, no VAT

You benefit from prices reflecting that wines are sourced directly from estates. Even better, our bonded warehouse in Luxembourg allows you to invest with no VAT.

Wine investing, worry free

Learn how our process brings our investor “Peace of Mind” pledge to life.

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Wine sourced directly from wineries, sent to warehouse in LUX

Why invest in fine wine?

Stable Returns
Resistant to inflation
Low correlation to traditional markets

Wine performance

Between 2004 and 2022, fine wine* grew at a 9% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)

*Liv-Ex 1000 Fine Wine Index

performance chart
Cheval Blanc
S&P 500
Rolex Index

The potential of
wine investment
in numbers

See what your investment could have returned with wine

Fine wine is a uniquely resilient asset class that will diversify an investment portfolio and hedge risk. Over time, it offers on average a solid 9% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) with low volatility.

This tool allows you to do your own backtesting and see what introducing fine wines into your own portfolio could have yielded for you over time.

Performance of investment portfolio with fine wine in comparison to baseline

Start your investment journey today

We offer wine investment options suitable for every portfolio. We source exceptional wines directly from top wineries, and with diligent real-time monitoring in our Luxembourg warehouse, the value of these assets are poised to appreciate.

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