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Wine and Art

Match madein heaven

Wine and art have long held a harmonious relationship.

You will often find master artists such as DaVinci, Michelangelo, Van Gogh, and more who made wine center points of some of their most famous artwork. In fact, Da Vinci is quoted as saying:

The discovery of a good wine is increasingly better for mankind than the discovery of a new star.

At Vinesia, we love the connection between wine as the muse for many artists and the impact it has had on the betterment of art and creativity throughout human history. So much so that we couple many of our investments with unique, limited-released high-quality art.

We work directly with world-renowned artists to craft artwork that only we can own and offer to our customers. And we couple it with wine we source directly from some of the most respectable wineries in the world.

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Artists we have partnered with


New York’s contrasts and diverse experiences shaped Reso’s creativity, leading him to explore typography and the power of letters to evoke emotions in viewers.

His art, born in secrecy yet attracting extreme attention, later evolved into a multidimensional experience where letters overlapped, and functionality gave way to artistic expression.

Monsieur Z

Monsieur Z, also known as Richard Zielenkiewicz, is a French illustrator and graphic designer currently residing in France. Over his 25-year artistic career, he has collaborated with prestigious magazines worldwide, including Wallpaper magazine, Vogue Japan, Marie Claire, ELLE Spain, and many more.

To add to his repertoire, he is the creator of the animated TV series “Ratz,” currently streaming on Netflix. Vinesia has partnered with him to create exclusive art for various collections.

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