The history of Sottimano began in the 1960s when Rino Sottimano completed his winemaking studies and acquired what would become the Sottimano winery in the Cottà cru. Since then, the winery has thrived and gained recognition for its exceptional wines. Initially, the winery had only a few hectares of vineyards, which, after much effort, have grown to the current 18 hectares in one of the most prestigious areas of Barbaresco. It currently has five vineyards in Barbaresco: Currà, Cottà, Fausoni, Pajorè, and Basarin. Many of Sottimano's most important vineyards are between 40 and 70 years old. These old vines, combined with the characteristic limestone and clay soil of the region, result in complexity in their wines. Rino Sottimano is an advocate for organic grape cultivation and winemaking, whether in the vineyard or in the cellar, using natural yeasts. Sottimano is a winery that combines tradition, unique terroir, and a commitment to sustainability. Each wine produced by this house is an authentic expression of the Barbaresco region, celebrating the richness of its old vines and the elegant power that has made them famous.

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