The story of Salicutti as a modern estate is fascinating. Francesco Leanza discovered the property in the 1980s while exploring the area on foot. The property he found was in a precarious state, with subsistence agriculture. After lengthy negotiations, Francesco acquired the property in 1990. What followed was hard work, meticulous precision, and an extraordinary vision to transform it into one of the most important wineries in the region. Salicutti prides itself on the authenticity and uniqueness of Montalcino's terroir. The vineyards, one of the first to be certified organic in the region, are the heart of the estate. Salicutti's wines are true works of art that celebrate the diversity of Montalcino's terroir. With carefully planted vineyards, including plots like Piaggione, Piaggione Alto, Teatro, and Sorgente, Salicutti captures the unique essence of Tuscan soil. Francesco Leanza has a personal preference for producing single-varietal wines and has a deep connection to the natural expression of soil and terroir in general. Salicutti's wines can be compared to the complexity and elegance of Burgundy wines. They are replete with fruity and floral aromas that captivate the senses and provide an authentic expression of Montalcino's terroir. In 2016, Francesco Leanza sold Salicutti to Felix and Sabine Eichbauer, owners of the renowned Tantris restaurant in Munich, Germany. Together, they continue the tradition of excellence of the Salicutti family. We invite you to explore the world of Salicutti, where nature, tradition, and passion come together in every bottle.

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